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Everybody likes to go their own way

Name: Rachel
Age: 22
Location: Connecticut
What are some of your hobbies/interests?: Reading, writing, theatre
What are some particular likes of yours?: I love to travel and take pictures of old buildings. I spend most of my time writing, and I'm going in to Victorian Studies to turn my love into a career
What are some particular dislikes?: lime. I am opposed to lime as a fruit and a taste if it is not mised with lemon. I hate procrastination even though I'm currently doing so by filling this out.
Either describe your personality in five adjectives or write a short description, whichever you would rather do or think you are better at or think would give a better impression of who you are: Studious, curious, easily-distracted, imaginative, superstitious
What are your best attributes?: I'm helpful and organized, and I can make people listen to me.
What are ones that aren't necessarily flaws but might be seen as negative?: I have a temper, and I tend to leave things to the last minute when other things are pressing
Do you have any special talents? What are you "good" at? (Could be anything from making clothes to giving advice.): I can write well, and I'm good at remember details
Favorite book(s): it's a tie between Northanger Abbey, Wicked, and Dracula
Favorite movie(s): The Princess Bride, Sleeping Beauty, and Peter Pan
Favorite quote(s): "You can't stop a story being told." - Dr. Parnarsus
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel, if you have one?: Northanger Abbey
Do you have a favorite Austen heroine? Why her?: I love Catherine Morland, but I also love Elinor Dashwood. They both appeal to me as they both have traits very similar to my own
What do you value more in a novel, social commentary or romance?: the characters. I love to find their quirks and differences from one another. It's the best part of real life as well.
What do you admire most in or about people?: their ability to adapt to a situation
What is the characteristic you most value?: friendship
What do you think is the most important thing about you?: what I've done in theatre. It's been the basis of my life from the time I was born to now
Arrange these qualities in order of their importance, from most to least: Caring, selflessness, intelligence, wit, propriety, dignity, daring, idealism, pragmatism, integrity, unconventionality, humility:: Intelligence, unconventionality, caring, propriety, wit, dignity, idealism, integrity, humility, selflessness, daring, pragmatism
What is your opinion of marriage? If you love someone enough to be with them, then marry; don't marry for the sake of a ring
What is your view of love and relationships? It is important, but it should not be seen as only sexual love. Friendship can't be forgotten and many times it is
What do you think is better, a life of love and poverty, or a life without love but with wealth (lack of love and plenty)?: Life of love and poverty
Are you more impulsive or deliberate?: Deliberate
Are you more emotional or calm, levelheaded? Emotional, though I tend to come off otherwise
Are you more humble or proud?: a mix of both
Are you more quiet or sociable?: quiet
More defiant or acquiescing?: defiant
More spontaneous, easy, unconstrained, or inhibited, anxious?: inhibited and anxious
Are you ambitious?: within my own goals, yes
What is your dream life like?: to be a writer, living someplace quiet with my family
What did you want to "do when you grew up"?: be a professor
Are you doing it to any degree? Have you grown up?: I'm almost out of college and I've applied to start myself on that tract
Why do you enjoy the company of people?/Why are you friends with your friends?: For my friends at college, we are similar enough that we are all compatible but we are different enough to make our group quirky. My friends at home are those who I grew up with or have accrued along the way. We're all different but we share similar pastimes and hobbies
Are you close to your family?: very
Who's someone you admire? Why?: Queen Victoria for her strength; people tend to write her off but it's hard to govern a body of people at eighteen and then continue on even after a loved one dies, especially in the 19th century. I also admire Julie Andrews, because she's just such a strong, charismatic woman who has stayed elegant and humble even when her star was at its brightest
What's your dream career?: Fiction writer
What do you think of Jane Austen's writing in general?: It is part of the reason why I started becoming interested in the 19th century.
What's your favorite article of clothing (pants, corset, etc.)? Any reason?: I have an odd obsession with jackets. My favorite is a leather jacket a friend gave to me because it's something I've always wanted but never really saw the need to buy for myself; it shows that someone does care about me, and when stress gets in the way of everything it's hard to remember that


Apr. 8th, 2010 05:18 pm (UTC)
I think Catherine Morland for you!