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Everybody Likes To Go Their Own Way

Name: Lindsay
Age: 15
Location: Massachusetts
What are some of your hobbies/interests?: singing, dancing, hanging out with friends, making graphics on photoshop, drawing
What are some particular likes of yours?: chocolate, strawberries, peace, snow, rain, music
What are some particular dislikes?: politicians, religion, jerks, show offs, white chocolate, eggplant, pork
Either describe your personality in five adjectives or write a short description, whichever you would rather do or think you are better at or think would give a better impression of who you are: fun, bubbly, confident, lazy, determined, bitchy
What are your best attributes?: Im a good listener, I tell it like it is, i stand up for myself and for my friends, im loyal
What are ones that aren't necessarily flaws but might be seen as negative?: i can be shy around new people, i dont like to conform, i can be extremely OCD sometimes (like im a stickler for organization and the way things should be organized/ if something isn't perfectly centered it bothers me)., I'm a hopeless romantic and i can fall in love not that easily but easily enough.
Do you have any special talents? What are you "good" at? (Could be anything from making clothes to giving advice.): I give advice to friends who need it, i can draw, im a moderate photoshop artist, im an amateur fanfictionist. (if thats even a word. XD)
Favorite book(s): A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Julius Caeser, Perfect
Favorite movie(s): The Ugly Truth, A Hard Days Night, Pride And Prejudice, Have You Heard About The Morgans?, Bridget Jone's Diary.
Favorite quote(s): too many to list.
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel, if you have one?: Pride and Prejudice
Do you have a favorite Austen heroine? Why her?: I like Elizabeth Bennet because she's practical but she knows when to have fun and to be there with her friends, she knows when to do the right thing most of the time.
What do you value more in a novel, social commentary or romance?: Both.
What do you admire most in or about people?: their personality, how they interact with other people
What is the characteristic you most value?: humor
What do you think is the most important thing about you?: as i said, i stand up for myself. so i dont take no shiz from anybody.
Arrange these qualities in order of their importance, from most to least: Caring, selflessness, intelligence, wit, propriety, dignity, daring, idealism, pragmatism, integrity, unconventionality, humility:Caring, Wit, Intelligence, Dignity, Idealism, Propriety, Humility, Integrity, Unconventionality, Pragmatism, selfishness
What is your opinion of marriage? Um. I dont know. XD two people who love each other wanting to spend the rest of their lived together.
What is your view of love and relationships? thats a hard question. I shall pass :P
What do you think is better, a life of love and poverty, or a life without love but with wealth (lack of love and plenty)?: PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I don't care if i have money. I'd have love anytime of the day.
Are you more impulsive or deliberate?: Um. impulsive.
Are you more emotional or calm, levelheaded? all three
Are you more humble or proud?: humble
Are you more quiet or sociable?: depends. more quiet i think
More defiant or acquiescing?: Meh, depends
More spontaneous, easy, unconstrained, or inhibited, anxious?: depends. XD
Are you ambitious?: suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.
What is your dream life like?: like it is in fairy tales.
What did you want to "do when you grew up"?: a lot of things. I wanted to be an artist and then a singer. but....no. XD
Are you doing it to any degree? Have you grown up?: yeah i've grown up to some degree. but i still have fun and all that
Why do you enjoy the company of people?/Why are you friends with your friends?: why is anybody friends with their friends? i do enjoy the company of people.
Are you close to your family?: yep
Who's someone you admire? Why?: John Lennon
What's your dream career?: i dont know.
What do you think of Jane Austen's writing in general?: indescribable. in a good way
What's your favorite article of clothing (pants, corset, etc.)? Any reason?: pants. because i like pants. XDDD


May. 2nd, 2010 08:45 am (UTC)
Very much Emma.