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Austen Heroines

The Heroines of Jane Austen
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Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

Dear Readers,
What you have stumbled upon is a small, but warm, gracious, and engaging community of those who, through an application and a thorough survey of the most probing questions, will judge you by your closest intellectual, emotional, and moral, in short, character, resemblance to one of the heroines of our illustrious author Jane Austen, and leave an impress of that admirable woman's character upon you, a stamp, if you may (a sort of social, mental, and imaginary association). We here share a love for Jane, her uncommon grace, wit, incision, and spirit. Here is a woman, and there is a woman, in each of her heroines, who has not sacrificed either her femininity, nor her integrity, nor her ideal of romance, nor yet her independence, in the putting-out of truths, insights, and delightful stimulation - in the attainment of happiness, success, and fulfillment. Should you choose to join our enchanted circle, you will learn our insights, edify others, and pass time in amiable enjoyment and stimulation. I ardently wish that we shall all be the dearest of friends!


Rules and All That Business
- You must join in order to post an application, but don't need to be stamped to vote on others' applications.
- Please bold your votes.
- Please vote for up to two characters only.
- If you're posting a new application, try to vote on at least three other applications that still need votes so they can get stamped, too.
- You will be stamped when you have at least five votes, or 2-3 days after you've applied.
- You may reapply at least two weeks after you were originally stamped. If you want to rule out the character you were originally stamped as, please put "Everybody likes to go their own way" as the title and "I choose to go another way" as the LJ-cut text. If you don't want to rule her out, or just want to confirm, put the same title and "I go down this way again" as the LJ-cut text. (I don't think you'll remember this, but it can't hurt to try.)
- If there is a tie, I will either give you both stamps or wait a little for it to be resolved.
- You don't need to be stamped to participate in themes.
- I'm not very strict about postings. You can post about Jane Austen-related things, movies, icons, or about British literature, etc., whatever pleases your little heart to a degree of decency.
- If you want to promote a community, there's no need to ask my permission; just make sure it's somewhat related, not, you know, a celebrity gossip community or something.
- If you want your community to be an affiliate, just send me a message.
- Lurk if you will, or if such is your nature, but do try to vote or check things out every once in a while.
- Be nice. We're all adults here, or near-enough-adult-mentality.
- The character choices are the "heroines" in the truest sense only.
- This might sound like a weird rule, but please DO NOT DELETE YOUR APPLICATION at some future time. I'd like to keep track of them all.

The Characters
Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility
Marianne Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility
Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
Fanny Price from Mansfield Park
Emma Woodhouse from Emma
Anne Elliot from Persuasion
Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey

The Stamps
First set of stamps (made by the wonderful cartography, who also made the banner above)

The Stamped Members
Here are the darlings.

The Application
- Copy and paste the application in the scroll box below.
- Please title your application (put in the subject line) "Everybody likes to go their own way".
- Please put "We are, to be sure, a miracle every way" as the LJ cut text.
- Feel free to skip a question here and there if you really don't like it or don't want to answer it. The point is really just to give us a feel for you.

Current Theme
Regency Stereotype Theme - Stamps and survey here

Past Themes
A Match Made in Austen Heaven - June 2008

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Banners and Prettery

Banner made by pink_unnies.

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