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Everybody likes to go their own way

Name: Daniela
Age: 17
Location: New Mexico
What are some of your hobbies/interests?: reading, writing, baking, cooking, playing video games, etc.
What are some particular likes of yours?: animals [especially foxes & cats], green tea, tea in general, fairy tales, books, yummy food, rain, snow, Disney movies, anything I loved as a child, anime, manga, foreign languages & cultures, etc.
What are some particular dislikes?: stupid/ignorant people, rattlesnakes, know-it-alls, football, people who drop the f-bomb all the time, scary movies, and I can't think of too much right now. I'm not very good at thinking up things I hate on the spot.
Either describe your personality in five adjectives or write a short description, whichever you would rather do or think you are better at or think would give a better impression of who you are: Dreamer. Stubborn. Content. Loving. Independent.
What are your best attributes?: Loyalty, I suppose. I'm fiercely protective of my friends and family.
What are ones that aren't necessarily flaws but might be seen as negative?: This one is a flaw: I'm selfish as hell. I can be a bit arrogant and judgemental too. I can't think of any traits I have that can be seen as negative but isn't necessarily negative. Oh, wait, I just thought of one! I'm stubborn as hell-- it drives my mom & best friend absolutely crazy. I also have a bit of a temper.
Do you have any special talents? What are you "good" at? (Could be anything from making clothes to giving advice.): I'm good at listening to people and keeping their secrets-- my best friend refers to me as her diary, actually. I'd like to think I'm good at writing, but that's negotiable.
Favorite book(s): Sunshine by Robin McKinley, Wuthering Heights byt Emily Bronte, Good Omens by Terry Prachett & Neil Gaiman, Dragon's Bait by Vivian Vande Velde, and the list goes on. I read quite a bit, actually.
Favorite movie(s): Pride & Prejudice [2005], Sweet Home Alabama, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Northanger Abbey, The Cat Returns, Mulan, Beauty & the Beast, and I'm really bad at just choosing a single favorite, if you can't tell.
Favorite quote(s):

"Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed."
-G.K. Chesterton

What is your favorite Jane Austen novel, if you have one?: Northanger Abbey, hands down. I'm not entirely sure why, though. It just cheers me up like none of her other books can and it makes me laugh more than the others do. Plus, I am so in love with Henry Tilney.
Do you have a favorite Austen heroine? Why her?: Hm, that's ridiculously hard to answer. All of them are awesome in their own way. Probably either Catherine Morland or Emma Woodhouse. Maybe. It depends on which of her books I've read the most recently.
What do you value more in a novel, social commentary or romance?: Depends on the novel! I'm always a sucker for a good romance, but it's hard to find them underneath all the piles of trash. However, if the novel was amazing at both, I'd probably lean towards the romance. It's the hopeless romantic in me.
What do you admire most in or about people?: I always think well of those who put their families first.
What is the characteristic you most value?: I really love people who are so sweet.
What do you think is the most important thing about you?: I honestly don't know. I'm very comfortable with who I am, and there are so many things about myself that I think, yes, this is important.
Arrange these qualities in order of their importance, from most to least: Caring, selflessness, intelligence, wit, propriety, dignity, daring, idealism, pragmatism, integrity, unconventionality, humility: intelligence, integrity, caring, dignity, idealism, selflessness, propriety, pragmatism, humility, unconventional, wit, daring
What is your opinion of marriage? It's nice if you find the right person, and yes, it's good for some people-- but it's not for me. I haven't the slightest intention to ever get married. I plan to live with my books and cats when I'm an old lady.
What is your view of love and relationships? Yes. I'm all for love and romance and the sort. Like I mentioned above, I'm a total hopeless romantic.
What do you think is better, a life of love and poverty, or a life without love but with wealth (lack of love and plenty)?: Um. Can I chose love and a decent amount of money? XD I don't care about being rich, but I'd rather not starve, thank you very much. Though, if by poverty you mean a roof above your head, enough to eat, and maybe a small bit on the side, then I'm okay with love and poverty.
Are you more impulsive or deliberate?: More deliberate, I'd say. I think through my choices before deciding.
Are you more emotional or calm, levelheaded? Both. I think through my decisions, yes, but my emotions play a large role in what I chose.
Are you more humble or proud?: I wish I could honestly say I'm humble, but I'm not. I can be pretty arrogant.
Are you more quiet or sociable?: I'm a quiet person in general, but if the situation requires me to be sociable I could chat up a horse, if need be.
More defiant or acquiescing?: Depends. I'm more acquiescing when it comes to people I don't know very well, but when I'm around my friends & family, I'm more defiant. I feel free to speak my mind when around them.
More spontaneous, easy, unconstrained, or inhibited, anxious?: I'm not very spontaneous, but I wouldn't say I'm anxious either. Inhibited, yes, but I feel comfortable with it.
Are you ambitious?: Not really. All I want out of life is a steady job I like, my own home, three dogs, a bunch of books, and millions of cats.
What is your dream life like?:Basically the above, with traveling around the world (or at least Europe) added into the equation.
What did you want to "do when you grew up"?: Anything pertaining to history, like a historian or teacher or professor. A librarian would be pretty nice too, I think. Oh, you meant past tense. When I was a kid I wanted to be a farmer or a ballerina. Then a librarian or a teacher, and then a journalist or a chef. Now it's the above.
Are you doing it to any degree? Have you grown up?: I'm in my senior year of high school, so. No.
Why do you enjoy the company of people?/Why are you friends with your friends?: My friends are my friends because I value their company. I enjoy speaking with them, and we can speak about any number of topics. When I come home after spending time with them, I feel cheerful and content.
Are you close to your family?: Yes, very close. I can talk to my mom about anything, including boys and crushes. And while I do argue with my brothers, I also talk to them about my problems and love them very much.
Who's someone you admire? Why?: My mom. She works twelve hour shifts at nights so we can both have enough money to survive and she can see us during the days. Seriously, there's plenty of days she only gets three or four hours of sleep a night. And she's a real hardworker too.
What's your dream career?: Anything pertaining to history, like a historian or teacher or professor. A librarian would be pretty nice too, I think. [I love copy & paste, haha.]
What do you think of Jane Austen's writing in general?: It's lovely. She has such a way with words. Sometimes I don't even read her books for the story-- I just want to enjoy her writing.
What's your favorite article of clothing (pants, corset, etc.)? Any reason?: I have a fondness for skirts, but I rarely wear them. And boots. God, I have such an obsession with boots. I don't think there's any particular reason behind it, I just like skirts and boots.

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