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Do you prefer tea or coffee?: I prefer black iced tea with some special strawberry flavor or coffee with lots of sugar. I don't like bitter things :)
What do you like to do?: Reading, drawing, doing interesting things, surfing the teh internetz, watching movies, eating yummy food (lolz), designing, collecting, playin games, talking and communicating with people in general.
What are your best qualities?: Polite, intuitive, understanding, cheerful, affectionate, smart, peacemaker, kindhearted, a good friend.
What, do you think, are the three most important things to you?: Family & friends, my possessions, my optimistic personality (to be able to get through everything I'm going to face afterwards).
What do you believe are your most evil points?: Evil? Uh, - touchy, histrionic, stubborn, impatient, sarcastic, selfish.
What are your vices?: I'm too lazy. Anxious, shy, needy, grumpy, whiny, sheltered, vulnerable and I can be a little naive.
Do you want a conventional life (i.e., Do you care about getting married, settling down, carrying on your lineage, having a suitable occupation, etc.?: Probably.
Would you rather have beauty or brains?: I have both at the moment, lolz. I can't choose, both are equally important to me, so can I just say a little of both?
Social butterfly or hermit?: More of a hermit? I like communicating with people and being with them in general, but I'm too shy to be a social butterfly.
Would you be a snuffbox, pillbox, cravat, or hand-held fan?: Hand-held fan, because it's the most feminine :З Cravat sound good too though, I just don't think I'd be it.
Are you more flamboyant or more inconspicuous?: I'm more bright than flamboyant. But from the two options, inconspicuous.
What do you dress like?: Uhm, I don't know. My style can be a mix of various things: sporty, cute, comfortable, girly... Usually I wear something like this: jeans, usually black or dark color, maybe a skirt: it depends on my mood and where I am, I usually wear skirts on special occasions or at home; for top, it's always something different. Here is an example of my everyday clothing and here is what I'd wear on nights out. I like wearing the color pink and/or flowery prints on clothing. ( 1, 2 - random things from my closet ) My favorite type of shoes is ballet flats, because they manage to be both pretty and comfortable. ( 1 ) I also really like wearing headbands ( an example of me doing so )
Are you kind of uptight?: I think I'm only uptight when the situation calls for it or when I'm meeting really important adults.
Neurotic?: I... don't think so. Yes, I have my angry and anxious moments, but I think it's nearly not that bad.
What do you enjoy most in company?: Playing various games.
What do you think are the best things about the Regency era?: I just love how everyone was so polite and considerable of each other, it seemed like they really cared. And, you know, you really feel better when you're adressed as a lady rather than as a that girl.
Would you rather spend time in Drury Lane, Pall Mall, Hyde Park, Bond Street, or Vauxhall Gardens?: Probably Bond Street.
What will save you in the end (is it love, marriage, friends, a good career, success, family)?: Love, without any doubt.
Give us a quote to live by: I don't live by a simple quote, I think it's just very narrow-minded.


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Mar. 7th, 2010 06:29 pm (UTC)
I think the Diamond of the First Water.
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